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Studying vocal coaching for over 6 years with various teachers and styles have taught me a lot but also made me wonder: is there no easier way to do this more comfortably? Most methods and teachers I experienced always put a lot of emphasis on talent, luck and obscure imagery that is supposed to make you “feel” when you’re doing it right or wrong. According to their systems, when even the slightest thing goes wrong, singing becomes impossible. Singers often cancel concerts when they’re sick, stressed out or tired and don’t sing more than 2 hours a day so as not to damage their voices. And if they have an “off” day, then everything becomes even more obscure, because singing is impossible but you can’t explain why.

I was convinced there should be a better way. Craving for more substantial information, I wanted to know more about anatomy and what I can actually do to make sure everything goes right. I studied both trombone and medicine to discover more about the human body, mechanisms, muscles, conditioning and breathing which is the basis for all existence. Eventually I developed a 12-step method, designed to support vocalists in every stage of their careers and making it easier and feasible for everyone to carry a tune. I’m currently writing a book about this 12-step method.

I teach at the London Performing Academy of Music and give masterclasses all over the world. I performed at the Kennedy Center USA, TEDx Amsterdam, the Israeli Sinfonietta, represented the Netherlands at the EU Music Festival in Vietnam and the list goes on. My education includes: The Amsterdam Conservatory, The Jerusalem music academy and the Buchman-Mehta school of music. These experiences helped me test my method in all possible conditions. With my technique I performed countless times while being sick and never had to cancel a concert in 17 years.

Singing is no longer the ultimate suit of talented people, but can be put into practice daily by everyone who wants to learn. I decided to open my own school to make this method accessible to all ages and a wide spectrum of students. From the age of 6 till 120 and for various levels, beginners, advanced, conservatory students, professionals preparing for auditions and more.

Looking forward to exploring this together. Let’s find your true voice.

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Advanced singers: Together we’ll achieve a goal, such as a recording, an audition, or a breakthrough to a new level. 

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Mondays 14:00-18:00
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Fridays 14:00-18:00

Open for online lessons or in person, at Amsterdam Waterlooplein