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Sunday November 1st
1:30 ET / 19:30 CET

Join beloved singer-songwriter Nani Noam Vazana in an uplifting concert featuring songs of love, hope and resilience. Come celebrate optimism and joy and Nani’s enchanting musicality and take a break from the difficulties and uncertainty of our daily lives. Music is medicine for the soul.

Sunday, November 1st at 1:30pm EDT / 19:30 CET

If you’re struggling due to the pandemic, pay what you can. 
If you’re able to contribute more please help someone else pay less!

€5 — Pay What You Can
€15 – 4 cups of coffee
€25 – Regular concert ticket (Half the groceries this week)
€50 – This month’s internet subscription
€100 – Get Nani a new microphone
€250 – Help others pay less
€1000 – Corporate Sponsorhsip