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14.11.2021 – London Jazz Festival, Pizza Express Holborn, London, UK
6.12.2021 – Alter Oper, Frankfurt, DE
20.2.2022 – Schouwburg, Leiden, NL
19.3.2020 – BBC3 Radio, Music Planet, London, UK
26.3.2022 – Graceland Festival, Amersfoort, NL
5.4.2022 – De Kring, Roosendaal, NL
28.4-1.5.2022 – Delegate @ Jazzahead, Bremen, DE
2-8.5.2022 – LPAmusic, Las Palmas, ES
10.5.2022 – Schouwburg, Hengelo, NL
19.5.2022 – Stadstheater, Zoetermeer, NL
25-29.5.2022 – Delegate @ Nutshell, NO
1.6.2022 – JG, Celle, DE
2.6.2022 – Erbenhof, Weimar, DE
12.6.2022 – Jewish Festival, Boulder, USA
14.6.2022 – Boulder JCC, Colorado, USA
15.6.2022 – Mizel Museum, Denver, USA
18.6.2022 – American Sephardic Federation, New York, USA
21.6.2022 – KCJO, Palm Springs, Florida, USA
25.6.2022 – Tuscon JCC, Arizona, USA
8-10.7.2022 – Montana Folk Festival, USA
18-21.8.2022 – Graceland Festival, Amersfoort, NL
24.9.2022 – Multicultural Festival, Reston, Virginia, USA
7-9.10.2022 – Richmond Folk Festival, USA
9-23.10.2022 – Delegate @ Womex, Lisbon, PT
9.11.2022 – Jihočeská Filharmonie, České Budějovice, CZ
23.2.2023 – Solo with Sinfonietta, Beer Sheva, IL
17.3.2023 – Schouwburg, Hengelo, NL


"Mesmerising artist, her ballads go under your skin"

-Allgemeine Zeitung, DE


Making this video was so much fun! We arrived unannounced in the Jerusalem Arab market and immediately started singing and filming whatever was happening in the moment. The market is simply beautiful, vibrant, colourful and the merchants were amazing to us & even spontaneously danced with us in front of the camera. 

It was wonderful to experience how music can make an immediate connection with different people. Looking at this video now makes me long for those days of travel, meeting people with music, dance, food and everything nice that brings people together in social gatherings rather than distancing. We’ll get there again! Love, Nani


"A Must See show"

-de Volksktant, NL

About nani

Nani Noam Vazana is the world’s first original Ladino artist. For 2020 she is booked to play on major stages: Richmond Folk Festival USA, Montana Folk Festival USA, representing IL at the HUE Festival Vietnam, Manchester Jazz Festival UK & 84 more dates worldwide.


Nani’s worldwide management is handled by Nova Productions agency. Get in touch with us for all inquiries, and we’ll refer you to our prospective local agents when relevant.

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