My Story

6 years ago I embarked on an unexpected journey following a song I rediscovered on the streets of Morocco. After a sold-out performance at the Tangier Jazz Festival I took 3 days to visit Fez, my grandma's hometown. She spoke #Ladino but my father forbade us to speak to each other in any other language but Hebrew. Instead, she sang some songs in the kitchen, in this mysterious dialect no one could understand. I still remember peeling beans with her, listening to the fascinating rhythms and hope that one day I'll be able to sing them myself, as well as she did.
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Then 20 years later, hearing the same melody sung on the narrow streets of downtown Fez felt like a destined moment. As if I was meant to disconnect from my roots and rediscover them, when I was ready. A traditional Ladino song was sung in Arabic, through the throats of a few hundred people on the square in front of Fez's blue gate and brought me back to my grandmother's kitchen.
Now this song is reawakening, as the 1st single of a new album of traditional Ladino songs titled "Andalusian Brew". The language of the Sephardic Jews from the North of Africa and the Iberian peninsula.

Nani Noam Vazana is the world’s first original Ladino artist. For 2021 she is booked to play on major stages: Richmond Folk Festival USA, Montana Folk Festival USA, representing IL at the HUE Festival Vietnam, Manchester Jazz Festival UK & 84 more dates worldwide.

Nani represented the NL at the EU Music Festival VN, performed at the Kennedy Center USA, Jodhpur RIFF festival IN, Jazzahead DE, North Sea Jazz NL, Roccella Jazz IT, TEDx NL & hosted 3 WOMEX panels. The Dutch NPO network released a mini documentary about her musical work in 2018. Nani also composed music for BBC4 and NPO documentaries. Nani is a professor at the London Performing Academy of Music, she chairs of the Amsterdam Artist Collective and founded Why DIY Music and Nova Productions.

ACUM Album Award, IL 2021
PAIS Album Award, IL 2020
SENA Album Award, NL 2019
Arts Council England Premiere Award, UK 2019
Sephardic Music Award, ES 2017
iTunes Top-20 bestseller, NL 2015
ACUM Album Award, IL 2011