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Noam “Nani” Vazana is one of the only artists in the world that write & compose new songs in the endangered Ladino language. In her new album ‘Ke Haber’ (What’s New) she captures the spirit of the ancient, matriarchal language and culture and propels it into the 21st century with socially pertinent lyrics, celebrating migration, gender and female empowerment.

The soundscape bridges over tradition and modern life, capturing the sounds and smells of the marketplace and fuses them with raw, flamenco like vocals and surprising instrumentations. Soft choral-like trombones embellish mariachi guitars & percussion with glimpses of piano & cello tracks, make this record a magical realistic mosaic. Nani unveils a piece of history we don’t easily find in other mythology & anthropology. Nani ranked #11 on the RMR chart & #13 on the WMCE chart, represented the Netherlands at the EU Music Festival in Vietnam and performed at the Kennedy Center USA, BBC Radio 3, London Jazz Festival UK & Jodhpur RIFF festival India.

ACUM, Album Award, IL 2021
PAIS, Album Award, IL 2020
SENA, Music Production, NL 2019
Arts Council England, Premiere Award, UK 2019
Sephardic Music Award, ES 2017
iTunes Top-20 bestseller, NL 2015