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Support my new Ladino album!

New Goal: 700 albums

goal: 500 albums

sold: 630 albums


255 supporters

Update: 1st single out!
Cok Seni severim

We made an amazing music video! It started just like this photo, and then I was covered slowly with gold leaf! In stop-motion animation!

Help me make world's 1st ladino album of original songs

Hi everybody, I’m Nani & I’m a singer-songwriter. In the year before covid we probably met on the road, as I was on a world tour with my music. But now since a year this wasn’t really possible. I spent a lot of time in this rom, my studio in Amsterdam, trying to figure out how to make this pperiod more viable & worthwhile for us all. 

I’ve decided to do a resurrection project of a very old language called Ladino, a Jewish-Spanish dialect from the middle ages that my grandma used to speak. One of my 1st and best memories is of us together in the kitchen, speaking Ladino & singing songs about aubergine recipes. 

So I’ve put together the best band in the world, via internet! Guitar: Jorge Bravo / Chile Drums: Ayoze de Alejandro / Canary Islands Cello: Bence Huszar / Hungary Oud: Idan Toledano / Israel Sound Engineer: Kinacho Suarez / Columbia I’m sitting her in Amsterdam, we’ve exchanged recordings for a while and the album is now recorded. 

And this is where you come in! 

Because I need your help to make this dream come true and make it into a real record that will be released. If you pre-order the album you can help us finance the cost of: 
– Mixing
– Mastering
– Pressing CD’s & LP’s
– Making 2 Music videos
– PR
– Artwork cover 

And if you choose to pre-order the album, there are amazing perks for supporters, such as
– Tickets to private ISLAND party!
– 2nd hand shopping tour
– Songs on demand
– My voice on GPS
– House concerts
– Signed CD’s & LP’s
– T-shirts

I hope you want to make your contribution.

And please also take this time to call a friend or a family member you haven’t talked to in a long time. Because now, during the pandemic we have the time to make a difference. Stay safe & happy and I hope to see you on the road very soon again. Thank you for supporting my 1st album of ORIGINAL Ladino songs. 

Love, Nani

new Goal: 700 CD's

goal: 500 albums

Sold: 630 CD's


255 supporters

a few songs from the new album

This is a livestream I did a couple of weeks ago, including 2 new song from the upcoming album! Can’t wait to share them all with you.


1x Digital album

Including PDF artwork

1x Infinity / Love bracelet

1x Digital album

Including PDF artwork & worldwide


1x Album copy on CD

Including worldwide


1x Tee-Shirt, including

worldwide shipping

1x Digital Download

*Mininum 30 supporters

needed to produce Tees

1x Island Party Ticket

1x Digital Download

1x Vinyl Album, including

worldwide shipping

1x Digital Download 


*Min 50 supporters needed to produce vinyl

If we don’t get 50 supporters you’ll 

get an island party ticket instead

Nani’s voice for Waze app

1x Digital Download 

2x Album CD’s

2x Island Party Tickets

1x Online Lesson with Nani

1x Digital Download

Discover Nani’s styling

secrets & Amsterdam’s

best vintage stores!

1x Digital Download

An exclusive acoustic

audio recording of a song

we’ll choose together

(vocals & piano)

1x Digital Download

4x CD’s

4x digital downloads

4x Tee Shirts

4x Island Party Tickets

1x Nani’s Voice On Waze

1x Song Recording

A solo house concert

with Nani!

Travel & Accommodation

costs excluded

1x Digital Download

2x signed albums

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