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Goal: €7500

Raised: €1986

Help me make world's 1st Ladino album of ORIGINAL-SONGS!

Six years ago I started a close romance with Ladino music. A song I rediscovered on the streets of Morocco was haunting my dreams. It turned out to be a song my grandmother sang to me when I was a child. This experience was so strong that I decided to shelve an album I was working on, with songs I wrote in English, and instead I released an album of traditional Ladino songs I used to sing with my grandma in the kitchen. 

I played these songs live on stage for 2 years but I felt that something was missing. I’m a singer songwriter and my true passion is writing songs – I realised I needed to start composing in Ladino as well. Luckily, the Amsterdam ROOTS festival joined my cause and commissioned me to write the 1st original Ladino program in the world. 

I called it KE HABER – which means What’s new. We had an amazing premiere @ BIMHUIS, and it was also sold out. This proved to me that there is an audience for this almost-forgotten language. My aim is to connect my grandmother’s endangered heritage to our modern lives today. So my new Ladino songs deal with contemporary issues: Identity, Gender, Migration, Online Bullying, Mother Daughter relationships and even homoerotic poetry written by rabbis. 

I was even more lucky when SENA chose to grant me a Music Production award, to support the making of my new album – the world’s 1st Original-Songs Ladino album. I already recorded the album with amazing musicians and it’s are now being mixed in London. 

And this is where YOU come in. 

By buying the album in advance, you can help us finance the costs of Mastering, manufacture CD’s & LP’s, Marketing, PR and making 2 amazing new videos. Donate today and discover together with us the true meaning of “KE HABER” – What’s New in Ladino. 

Goal: €7500

Raised: €1986

a couple of new songs from the upcoming album

This is a livestream I did a couple of weeks ago, including 2 new song from the upcoming album! Can’t wait to share them all with you.


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