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Jewish, Muslim and Christian singers pray together for peace in Gaza & Israel in a new song by Israeli songwriter Nani Vazana ‘Prayers for Peace’


As war rages in Gaza and Israel, Israeli-Dutch songwriter Nani Vazana releases a groundbreaking song where an Islamic prayer, a Jewish prayer and a Christian prayer melt together into a unique and harmonious melody that touches the heart and soul of every listener. 

‘Prayers for Peace’, composed by Nani Vazana and commissioned by Graceland Festival is a statement of hope and a call for inner peace. Reminding that we are here for each other, even in times of war. 

“When the heart aches and the bombs roar, only one voice remains. The voice of a prayer for peace. This song isn’t a political statement or representing any religion in particular, it’s a reminder that it’s time for us to choose: Peace. Now. Together.” Nani Vazana 

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Peace on you, angels of peace, angels of heaven
Come down and bring peace on earth
King of the angels, bring peace on us.

God is great, I witness the greatness of God and his prophet
Come to prayer, come to success, God is the greatest.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see.

Composer: Nani Vazana
Vocals: Nani Vazana, Hicham Laaraari, Alice Hoolsema
Graceland Festival: Rikko Voorberg, Willem Dekker