Nani Ladino

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Short bio

Nani Noam Vazana is one of few artists in the world that writes & composes new songs in Ladino. Her new album Ke Haber (her 4th) is an outstanding precedent, as the Ladino language is almost extinct and only 150 families worldwide still speak it. Together with her trio, the fiery sound or Spanish guitars blend seamlessly with her powerful vast vocals & her lyrical trombone playing. Even De Volkskrant named it “A Must-See Show”! 

For 2021-22 she is booked to play on 37 major international stages, including: The Richmond Folk Festival USA, Montana Folk Festival USA, London Jazz Festival UK &  more. Nani represented the NL at the EU Music Festival VN, performed at the Kennedy Center USA, Jodhpur RIFF festival IN,  Showcased at APAP USA as well as Jazzahead DE and hosted 3 WOMEX panels. The Dutch NPO network released a mini documentary about her musical work in 2018 and shw also composed music for BBC4 and NPO documentaries. Nani chairs of the Amsterdam Artist Collective and founded Why DIY Music.

PAIS Album Award, IL 2020
SENA Album Award, NL 2019
Arts Council England Premiere Award, UK 2019
Sephardic Music Award, ES 2017
iTunes Top-20 bestseller, NL 2015
ACUM Album Award, IL 2014