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Let's make a record together!

Goal: €9000

let's produce a record together!

6 years ago I was invited to play at the Tangier Jazz Festival – that’s when I realised I’ve never been to my home country – Morocco! So I visited my grandma’s home town Fez. Walking down the narrow streets I heard a people singing. It turned out to be a Ladino song my grandmother sang to me when I was 4 years old. She passed away soon after a lot of memories rushed back. So I quickly went home to amsterdam and recorded an album of her 10 favourite traditional Ladino songs – Andalusian Brew. The album did well on the radio and sold out 3 times but it was only released on CD.

Since then people asked me repeatedly why I didn’t have a vinyl edition of Andalusian Brew. So I researched a bit and found out vinyl is not as easy to get nowadays…

And this is where you come in!

By buying the record in advance you can help us cover the cost of:
– Mastering for vinyl
– 2 stampers (side A & B)
– Manufacture records & packaging
– Design artwork
– Shipping
– Distribution
– Storage
– PR costs
– Tour! So we can bring this beautiful music closer to you 

The goal is to release the vinyl on 9 March 2023 with a show in Amsterdam, followed by a world tour. We already have a distribution company to distribute the album in the UK & Europe.

How Can I take part?

Choose your reward here (or read the rewards description on the right).
– How about a VIP meet & greet @ the album release show in Amsterdam March 9th?
– Would you like me to record an exclusive song for you?
– Or maybe you’re one of the 3 lucky ones that will get to host a lovely Home Concert…?
I can also just send you a SIGNED Vinyl, an I<3Ladino T-Shirt or my grandma’s bracelet.

You can also make a bank transfer to Stichting Nova: IBAN: NL95ABNA0857366718, BIC: ABNANL2A or use your credit card through Paypal. 

Please make sure to write your email address and home address in the transfer details, so we can get in touch and send you your rewards.

 Share & Tweet: You could also help by sharing this message to your Facebook & Twitter: I’m crowd funding for my new album Nani, would love if you wanna take part by buying the album in advance, and also help me spread the word by sharing this on Facebook & Twitter.

I hope you’d like to become a supporter.

Thank you, Nani

Goal: €9000

a song from the record

This is a song we filmed @ the Arabic market in Jerusalem, it was a joyous celebration for the senses as local merchants started dancing with us spontaneously! We will shoot 2 more videos like this for the release of the vinyl edition!


1x Andalusian Brew MP3

Including PDF artwork

1x Andalusian Brew CD

1x T-Shirt (M / L / XL)

1x Digital Download

1x Songbook softcover

1x Digital Download

1x Jade bracelet (Pink / Blue)

1x Digital Download

1x SIGNED Vinyl Andalusian Brew

1x Andalusian Brew vinyl

1x Ke Haber vinyl

1x Andalusian Brew vinyl

1x Ke Haber vinyl

1x Andalusian Brew CD

1x Ke Haber CD


1x Andalusian Brew vinyl

1x Ke Haber vinyl

1x Andalusian Brew CD

1x Ke Haber CD

1x T-Shirt

1x Songbook

1x Bracelet


1x Ticket to release show

1x Meet & Greet VIP access!

1x Andalusian Brew vinyl

2x Ticket to release show

2x Meet & Greet VIP access!

2x Andalusian Brew vinyl

Unlimited access to Nani’s concerts

See up to 100 concert in 2024!

1x Signed vinyl

Exclusive acoustic recording

of a song we’ll choose together

(vocals + piano)

A home concert with Nani! (solo)

Travel & Accommodation excluded

1x SIGNED! Vinyl

If you just feel like giving without dealing with all these gifts, go ahead! The sky’s the limit 🙂 We’ll send you a SIGNED Vinyl anyway, and you’ll be granted a place in music heaven <3

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