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All Nani's albums are free for music family members + get FREE MUSIC eACH MONTH!

Lately people asked me how can they support my music, and I thought, art is such a communal project that we need to make collectively. It’s not enough to have a brief moment of exchange. I want to have a real conversation with my audience, so we can feed off each other and make music together.

So I decided to create this Music Family.

Most artists are bound to labels who basically tell them what to do. They have more commercial concerns than artistic ones. By joining my Music Family, you choose to support me directly so I can make the music that I want in whichever way that I want.

In the last 3 years I employed 43 people, including musicians, sound engineers, light technicians, graphic designers, booking agents, assistants and toured 28 countries & 163 cities and even met 100,000 amazing people on the road.

Join me and together we will build our own micro-economy of artistic community and continue to make liable contributions to the arts everywhere – let’s create new art together.

Love, Nani