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Jewish christmas

When I was a kid I really wanted to celebrate Christmas. I saw it in the movies and how much love was invested into all that celebration. 

It felt as if it reminded people what it meant to be generous and forgiving, and how important it is to bring the light in instead of just waiting around for it to shine your way. 

But tradition! 
My father was ranting. Why aren’t you celebrating Hanukkah like the rest of your people? But I do! Why shouldn’t I have an extra holiday, just for fun? I mean, as a kid you want to get as many presents as possible, right? 😉 

I always wanted to have a Christmas tree. Maybe I would’t cut one especially for my private entertainment. I would probably just have it in a huge pot, water it all year long and then decorate it with lights in winter time. 

But history! 
That’s my husband right there telling me to forgive but never forget. 

I remember that we suffered! 
But why not ease the pain with a bit of ginger bread? 

Throughout history Jews were prosecuted on December 25th, synagogues were run down by missionaries and families were executed. 

But love! 
Today it’s time for us to change the narrative, because radicals don’t define us. Let’s look out for each other instead of pointing out the differences. We all want the same things. Love and light and community and laughter. 

Tonight, let’s give each other exactly that. Because any holiday is there to remind us that we belong, that we are one, that we are together. 

In this photo I’m performing at the Tres Culturas (Three Cultures) Festival in Spain. Me and my band mates represent the 3 cultures: I’m Jewish, my drummer is Christian and my guitarist is Muslim. 

Let us be who we are, and make each other feel accepted. Let’s speak quietly from a respectful, solemn place inside. Let’s be there for each other, and so the light will find its way back to us. 

Love to all my friends, religious or atheist, practicing or secular. Here’s an opportunity to say: I love you all.

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